Boarding In Our Home

Whilst you are away let your canine friend have a fun break too, rather than being warehoused in kennels.

He, she or they will live in our home and have lots of exercise and fun activities to stimulate their minds.

Every morning we go out, whatever the weather, on a 90 minute to 2 hour adventure walk over the fields of Norfolk or along the beaches. We head out to places such as Houghton, the Peddars Way, Roydon Common or onto the beach at Old Hunstanton.

The older dogs or those “off games” have a separate 45 minute walk in the morning and another 45 minute walk in the afternoon along with the more active dogs.

We only board up to four dogs at any one time so they receive lots of individual attention and while not out on walks we do scent training, retrieving etc and they have freedom to go from the house to the secure garden as they wish.


Need to Know

We have owned and trained dogs for over 45 years so you can rest assured your dog is being left in the best possible care you could wish for.  

As a former gamekeeper I tend to have a preference for the gundog breeds.

We are registered with KL&WN council(19/01404/AA), and have PetPlan public liability insurance.

Any dog that is aggressive towards people or other dogs will not be boarded

All dogs must provide up to date vaccination certificates.

We have our own rescued Clumber Spaniel Clemmie who helps settle newcomers into our home.

We want guests at Norfolk Home Dog Boarding to feel immediately at home so we encourage owners to bring with them a familiar item such as a comfort blanket so their dog feels secure and relaxed

Opening times - Mon to Fri 7.30am to 6pm / Weekends & Bank holidays 8am to Midday

Our boarding charges are £18.00 per night*

Contact Details

07521 717 482

*based on 24 hours or part thereof


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